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Continuous Education Bolsters Visualiza’s Expansion

With a constantly growing staff that now numbers over 200 medical and administrative personnel, continuous education (CE) is becoming increasingly important throughout the Visualiza Eye Care Network. Take a look at this sampling of CE activity in the last quarter of 2021 alone:

  • Medical staff hosted Dr. Alberto Danton, Ophthalmologist and Specialist in Ultrasound to train them in glaucoma etiology and retinology related techniques for effective outcomes and higher operational efficiency.
  • Visualiza’s leadership team completed a course titled, “Establish and Strengthen Vision Centers”, made possible, in part, by the Lavelle Fund for the Blind. The course offered new insights on Vision Center operation best practices.
  • INNOVU offered medical staff a presentation on new technology in intraocular lenses, trifocals, and extended focus lenses for use in cataract surgeries as part of Visualiza’s constant search for improved products and procedures.
  • Medical teams participated in doctor-patient communication workshops to strengthen and improve patient interactions to improve service outcomes.
  • Administrative staff took part in entrepreneurship workshops to develop skills, attitudes, and aptitudes that will improve collaboration and spark innovation.
  • The Visualiza IT Department took advantage of a workshop hosted by the Association of Managers of Guatemala in which they learned about tools and implementation Visu
  • Visualiza warehouse, maintenance, and laboratory personnel took advantage of training in the latest personal protective equipment (PPE) updates for the workplace environment.
  • Female staff members focused on tools and techniques of Leadership for Women Executives in a workshop hosted by the Association of Managers of Guatemala.

Such focus on keeping medical and administrative staff up-to-date, while always important, is only increasingly so in light of the coming growth under our Visualiza National Eye Care Plan.

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