Vision For the Poor

The Visualiza team provides high quality eye care to the people of Guatemala. As a training institute, they have also made a significant contribution in building all cadres of workforce in eye care for Guatemala and other countries in the region.

Through a mix of good business practices and compassionate patient-centred care, Visualiza is now a leading eye care provider in the country. The Visualiza team takes eye care to the rural and remote regions of the country.

Their professional and passionate eye care team who work to ensure that eye care is available to all who need it. Through their inclusive care giving design, combined with their commitment to provide eye care to all, they are uniquely positioned to scale their impact in eye care in Guatemala and beyond.

  • Thulasiraji Ravilla, MBA

    Director – Operations
    Aravind Eye Care System
    Executive Director, LAICO

Christian Blind Mission has partnered with Visualiza to reduce preventable blindness in the Petén region for many years and more recently also in the surroundings of Guatemala City.

We praise Visualiza’s efforts to improve access to eye health services to persons with disabilities in marginalized areas of the country.

  • Francisco Borrero

    Project Consultant
    Christian Blind Mission (CBM)

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