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Alcon Foundation Grant Helps Grow Local Eye Care Specialists

April 5, 2023

Vision for the Poor secured a $260,000 grant commitment from The Alcon Foundation to help establish a highly-skilled human resources pipeline of ophthalmologists, ophthalmic technicians, and opticians needed to work in six new eye hospitals and 26 new vision centers under development through 2032 as part of our Guatemala National Eye Care Plan. This funding […]

Cataract surgery

Efficiency Drives Visualiza’s Success

January 23, 2023

  Visualiza operates its social service eye care network based on the Aravind Hospital System sustainability model developed in India. While Aravind is not a nationwide system, it is the largest eye hospital system in the world that teaches a time-tested model of high volume, high quality, and high efficiency care while instilling an attitude […]

Visualiza’s National Eye Care Plan Targets Critical Shortage

September 27, 2022

Age-related or congenital cataracts and untreated refractive errors aren’t the only causes of treatable blindness in Guatemala. They’re just the most common. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the rest: Undetected glaucoma; retinal detachment;  macular degeneration;  hypertension;  tissue growth over sun-exposed eyes;  traumatic accidents; and  diabetic complications. These ALSO steal sight from Guatemalans of […]

Yag Laser

Vincent Pescatore Hospital Gains Yag Laser

February 6, 2022

Visualiza’s Vincent Pescatore Hospital located in Guatemala City, has acquired a new Yag laser. The device is used to clear any frosting from the back surface of an intraocular lens in patients who had cataract surgery and then develop this condition over time. This reduces glare and improves vision again, thus leading to better long term outcomes for Visualiza’s patients.

United Nations Commits to Eye Care for All by 2030

February 6, 2022

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has committed the international community to eye health for all by the year 2030. More than 1 billion people globally suffer preventable sight loss. The majority of those people live in developing countries like Guatemala.